African Themed Pop Up Cocktail Bar

Recently we were asked by The NEC in Birmingham to provide every element of a cocktail reception for 300 guests, with an African theme. 

We love a quirky event brief and were delighted to be able to bring this to life for the client in an interactive, engaging and very memorable way. 

Prior to the event we vinyl printed bespoke African themed graphics and layered them onto the front panels of one of our seven metre bar units. We featured LED light boxes behind the panels and cut out certain features of the graphics, such as the sun, which meant the LED light shined through, creating a stunning visual effect. 

We purchased 300 real coconuts, drilled a hole in each shell, drained them and used plastic funnels pre-service to fill each one with a delicious Pina Colada mix. The filled coconuts were displayed on the bar top in wooden structures, all in line with the theme.

As guests entered the event space, our team of professional cocktail mixologists, all wearing tribal face paint, handed out the coconut over the bar and served up a range of other cocktails such as Mai Tai and Berry Cooler.

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