Interactive Cocktail Team Building

Looking for a quirky activity for an event your are planning? Tasked with coming up with a highly interactive and fun activity for a team building afternoon? We have the answer...

Our highly interactive cocktail team building activities are colourful, engaging, lighthearted, fun throughout and always end in lots of laughter.

Led by one of our professional cocktail mixologists, we create up to five rounds of cocktail challenges for the group to complete in teams. It's a competition, so there were be an overall winning team that are celebrated with Champagne prizes.

First the mixologist describes the cocktail tools and how to use them, then shows the group how to make the first two drinks - a Mojito and a Virgin Berry - then everyone in the room has a go themselves. The next drink shown is the Cosmo, then everyone has a go.

Next everyone get very creative, each team create their own cocktail using any of the spirits in our well stocked bar. Their cocktail creation needs to be names, a slogan produced and even a poster designed to market it. All groups present their creations back to the room which is a great way to enjoy personalities shining through.

There's a cocktail quiz round and finally a bonus round where each team make a special cocktail for the senior managers in the room to judge.

A high paced, quirky and fun experience throughout, this service is available throughout the UK & Europe and can be adapted in any way to suit a company's culture and values. 

murdo macleod