Complete Service for Festival VIP Enclosures

Planning a VIP enclosure for a festival in 2018?

Looking for a quality supplier capable of providing a complete service of staffing, bars, furniture, tills & logistics? 

In 2017 we supplied a first class complete service for the VIP enclosure at Alex James's 'Big Feastival' event in Cotswolds.

For this event we supplied everything you can see in the images and video below apart from the tipi tent, we arrived to a completely empty space on set up day. 

We worked closely with the organiser to understand exactly what they wanted to achieve with the VIP enclosure, a friendly safe haven for VIPs to relax, socialise and enjoy a quality drinks service, adjacent to the main stage. 

The white wooden bar, Chesterfield sofas, LED seating cubes, glass poseur tables, bar stools and hay bales all came together beautifully to create an inviting and comfortable environment. 

Our bar manger and her team ran a first class drinks service throughout all live days, ensuring a smooth, efficient and attentive service throughout. 

The quirky touches we added delighted the VIPs, warm blankets for after dark, hay bales, twinkle lighting and our staff in matching themed attire. 

Please get in touch with our director on 0207 0997832 to arrange a meeting to discuss your exact requirements for events you are planning for 2018, we can tailor a service exactly to your needs.

Jennifer Ogden