'Office Space' to 'Party Place'

Here at Zest Mixology we are experts in transforming an area within your 'office space' to a colourful 'party place'.

Ideal for staff rewards, business presentations or client entertaining, our services are available within nearly any building. 

We install a pop up cocktail bar, elegant glassware and stock the bar with all the alcohol & ingredients needed. Our professional cocktail mixologists then arrive and serve top quality cocktails, whilst lighting up the bar with their charisma to create a memorable experience for all.

Behind the bar we can install LED up-lighters to flood the walls with coloured light plus a speaker under the bar to provide background music. 

All the elements can be branded, such as vinyl printing company graphics onto the front of the bar and renaming all the cocktails/mocktails are the products or services that the business sells. 


As well as a first class cocktails service, we also supply a few extra services: 

- Glass square top poseur tables to create social standing areas within your office 

- White Chesterfield DJ booth, CDJs, sound system and a quality DJ

- White Chesterfield sofas and low drinks tables

- LED seating cubes to create quirky informal seating areas


Form 10 guests to 500 guests, we have a solution available to create WOW factor within your office, focussed around a quality cocktails service. 

Call on 0207 0997832 to start the conversation, our team look forward to speaking with you. 

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Jennifer Ogden