Distilling Gin Essence Live With Flair

For the first time in the UK, this week we distilled gin essence live from our pop up bar during a luxury drinks service, topped off with world class flair bartending displays!

On the top floor of the The Gherkin in London and with a panoramic backdrop of city skyline, we featured one of our signature semi circular mirror bars that effortlessly reflected the beauty of it’s surroundings.

Two copper distillation stills featured as the centrepiece of the bar, each one heated purified water in the base with vapours which rose through a copper basket of citrus fruits. The vapours then condensed in the neck section and returned to liquid form in time to gracefully glide down into the guests G&T adding fresh citrus essence to their drink.

Guests chose from Silent Pool, Gin Marie, Whitley Neill Rhubarb or Sipsmith then added Fever Tree Original, Light or Elderflower Tonic before the gin essence was added with theatre and flair.

We also served a selection of Woodford Reserve, Suntory and Dalmore 12 adding a twist as guests were offered an accompanying taste enhancer of Wensleydale cheese of Lint Orange Intense Dark chocolate.

As part of a complete service for a special private party group, guests experienced a highly immersive, engaging and instagrammable G&T and Whiskey bar service that was both marvellous and memorable.

-June 2019

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