Aviation Themed Cocktails at IWM Duxford

IWM Duxford is the UK’s biggest aviation museum, located near Cambridge, home to over 200 aircraft, military vehicles and artillery.

For an event in July, our brief was to create an aviation themed cocktail service as a showcase feature within a large corporate event.

Our mixologists were delighted to get create around the theme and served a menu of:

BRAMBLE BOMBER (gin, freshly squeezed lemon & drizzled with creme de mure)

MISSION: MOJITO (rum, passionfruit, mint, freshly squeezed lime & topped with soda)

SERGEANT PIMMS (pimms, strawberries, lemon, mint, cucumber, lime & lemonade)

FLYING BERRY REFRESHER (strawberries, raspberries & topped with lemonade)

Our logistics team installed a linear mirror bar with curved ends, which effortlessly reflected the beauty of its surroundings, for which to serve hundreds of cocktails from.

With a historical backdrop of antique aircraft, colourful cocktails served in their hundreds and charming mixologists entertaining guests at the bar, it was a wonderful experience for all.

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-June 2019

murdo macleod