Science Lab Cocktails at YouTube HQ

When the brief came through from YouTube’s head office in London that they wanted a science themed cocktail service in their offices, we were super excited to start the creative process and and WOW this client.

A senior manager at YouTube wanted to reward their team with a quirky and ‘Instgrammable’ drinks service, one that was highly interactive and quite unique. So we did just that.

With mixologists in labcoats, goggles and loaded with a mad scientist acting brief, they brought to life a science theme in a super engaging way.

Dry ice flowing from the bar, speakers playing odd laboratory background noises, cocktail changing colour before guests eyes, beakers of liquid bubbling away, unusual chemical fragrances, syringes laced with liqueurs, it was an experience that touched all the senses and thrilled throughout.

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-June 2019

murdo macleod