Alcotraz, Moonshine Saloon & Hidden Spirits, London

Have you seen inside Alcotraz, a prison themed immersive cocktail bar?

Experienced the rum delights of Pirates of the Hidden Spirits?

Or smuggled a bottle of liquor past the sheriff into the Moonshine Saloon?

These three concept pop-up cocktail bars can be found in Central London and are well worth a visit with colleagues or friends.

Zest Mixology supply each of these fantastic bars with experienced cocktail bartenders to shake up the drinks and interact with the guests in an engaging and memorable way that suits each theme.

If you are looking for experienced cocktail mixologists for an upcoming event then get in touch.


Alcotraz - We took a peek inside London's controversial pop-up bar Alcotraz... It's open on Brick Lane, London.


Moonshine Saloon - An immersive pop-up bar in Fulham where you dress up as a cowboy/girl and bring your own bottle of booze for expert bartenders to mix moonshine cocktails. The sheriff is known for getting a little rowdy, so best to keep out of his way.


HIDDEN SPIRITS - The masterminds behind Moonshine Saloon and Alcotraz have launched a brand new immersive experience in London, where you'll be joining pirate Jack Cassidy on a moored sixteenth century ship to steal treasure from the Government. Keep your eyes on the prize as you plot your plan and drink hand-crafted cocktails.

murdo macleod