Nokia Lumia Experiential

Throughout the Summer, a team of our flair bartenders delivered a series of 30 experiential days for Nokia Lumia across the UK in twenty cities from Glasgow to London.

Moving around the nation’s biggest city centres, the bespoke set design included an open side front section to draw in the footfall and interact with the new Nokia Lumia 925 whilst experiencing an indoor nightclub scenario to delight and excite.

Within the nightclub set was a fully functional bar with flair bartenders providing highly visual routines, whilst serving three types of mocktails. The Nokia Lumia 925 has a fabulous camera function that perfumes in low-light settings, so the dark indoor nightclub scenario was perfect for taking great photos of our flair bartenders in action.

Serving up fabulously fruity mocktails around the UK, our team delivered exactly to brief and were an integral part of the activity's success. 


"We were very happy with the service for Zest Mixology, especially considering 30 days live activity and no staff problems" Kate Lancaster, Energy Live